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Asset management, asset consolidation and investment advice are our core skills. There are no set boundaries to us, however. And it is not uncommon for investment advice to develop into asset management after many years. Whether you need one-off advice or comprehensive, tailor-made support, you are in professional hands with Artis Partner.



No one can see into the future. That is precisely why good advice is needed, which points out possible developments. And above all, the aim must always be to explain the impact on your assets and the associated opportunities and risks in a transparent manner. Every asset management therefore begins with a precise analysis:

What is your profile? Is security more important to you or are you willing to risk more for a higher profit? What concrete financial goals do you have in mind? Are they realistic and achievable with your profile? Which investments and which strategies are possible to achieve your goals?

We will find a solution for you, and it will be tailored to your every need.



Diversifying assets across different banks, accounts, securities and investments reduces risk. However, as diversification increases, it also becomes more difficult to maintain an overview. As a result, opportunities are missed or too much risk is taken.

Consolidation is an ongoing process that begins with the “layout” of your assets (accounts, securities, mortgages, pension fund, life insurance, etc.) and a holistic analysis. The aim is to exploit optimisation potential (e.g. with regard to taxes) and eliminate unnecessary risks.

We create clarity and optimise your asset portfolio.



You want to invest a part of your assets and have already asked around. When it comes to investments, everyone has an opinion and many have a tip. However, these tips are no longer enough for you; you want professional advice from the ground up. Not with vague ideas, but with sound arguments. Then you will put your plans into practice. And you’ll have the good feeling of having made the right decision.

We provide you with sound advice as a basis for your decisions.

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